From Chair Jane Kleeb: Come to the Dec. 17 State Central Committee Meeting

The Democratic Party State Central Committee meets Saturday, Dec. 17, 8 a.m. till p.m., at Papillion LaVista High School, 402 Centennial Rd, Papillion, NE. This meeting is open to all Democrats. Please attend!

At the meeting on 12/17, we will unveil 3 new ideas to help build the party, which I briefly describe below. In addition to these 3 ideas, we will now close all SCC meetings with something called plus/delta where it is an open mic opportunity for anything we did not discuss in the agenda that you can take to the microphone to give feedback on something positive happening (plus) or something you want to see changed (delta). Also, Bud Pettigrew will give an overview on what the SCC, SEC, Caucuses, County Partys do and how people can get involved since we hope to have lots of new people at the meeting.

  • Blue Bench Project: an idea that Senators Adam Morfeld, Anna Wishart and myself came up with to harness energy of folks who want to run for office, be a county party leader or just want to be more engaged with the party. Sen. Morfeld put up the link for the sign up on his FB page and without any promotion, over 800 people signed up in a couple of days! You can post this link on your FB page: for people to sign up. We will host trainings, casual get togethers, community service projects and calls to start building our Blue Bench. Adam and Anna will present this idea.
  • 10 + 10 = 2020: in order to build the county parties and the state party, we need more money and more voters. The idea is each county will be responsible for registering 10% more voters in their county and getting at least 10 monthly donors to the party signed up at $10 a month or more. Patty Zieg and Ron Kaminski will present this idea.
  • Dems In The Streets: we have several models for canvassing our neighborhoods, this idea sprung out of some more traditional methods we want to test out this year. 
  • Linda Anderson and Tom Tilden will present this canvassing idea in hopes we can start using this model to build up a strong field team in each of our counties.

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