Meeting Minutes

Below you will find the past minutes from party meetings.

Click the links below to view minutes from past meetings in PDF format. If you need another format, please contact us.

Sub-Committees do not post minutes of their meetings. They do provide reports to the County Committee, which may be available as separate links on this page.

Executive Committee Meeting

8/2/2017 Meeting
4/8/2017 Meeting
10/23/2016 Meeting
10-09-2016 Meeting

09/18/2016 Meeting
09/12/2016 Meeting
07/17/2016 Meeting
06/25/2016 Meeting

County Meeting Minutes

03/25/2017 Meeting
02/25/2017 Meeting
10/30/2016 Meeting
10/23/2016 Meeting
06/25/2016 Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

02/25/2017 Report
10/23/2016 Report

For the calendar of County Committee meetings, see the events page.



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